Design-Build Services

Our experience with the traditional architect/bid/contractor method of construction makes us aware of the potential problems involved with the process. 

That’s why Neighborgall offers a design/build system that employs total project management to improve communication and augment overall cost and quality control.

Using the design/build system, a Neighborgall project manager controls both the design and construction phases. This manager has a thorough knowledge of construction methods, component costs, design and budgetary control and is backed by the long history of Neighborgall Construction.

The Neighborgall project manager works with both architects and engineers. The responsibility for scheduling work and meeting all-important deadlines lies entirely with Neighborgall. And we meet those deadlines because we are entirely in control of the project.

Under the direction of a single project manager, the construction team can find the best materials and construction methods while working closely with the owner.  The bottom line is this: Design/Build can give the owner the maximum in quality and cost control with minimum risk.