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In “Ted Lasso,” the scene where Ted tells Sam to “Be a Goldfish” is a memorable moment that reflects Ted’s unique coaching style and philosophy. The scene occurs during a practice session when Sam, a young and talented player, is feeling anxious and distracted by mistakes he made in a previous game. Ted notices Sam’s demeanor and approaches him with a metaphorical lesson.

Ted explains to Sam that goldfish have a short memory span, only about 10 seconds, which means they quickly forget things and don’t dwell on the past. Ted uses this idea to encourage Sam to adopt a similar mindset on the field—to let go of mistakes and focus on the present moment, rather than dwelling on past errors or worrying about future outcomes.

This scene is symbolic of Ted’s overall coaching approach, which emphasizes positivity, resilience, and a focus on the process rather than the outcome. It illustrates Ted’s ability to connect with his players on a personal level and offer them valuable life lessons along with sports guidance.