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Neighborgall Construction Management Services

At the beginning of any construction project, the different parties involved want different things. The architect wants to transform the owner? vision into a design; the contractor wants to build it; and, the owner wants a finished product of high quality.

Neighborgall believes that the construction management team approach is a logical and cost-effective method. Based on our years of experience in the construction industry, increased complexity of today? projects, and demands for shorter construction time frames, The Neighborgall Construction Company has expanded its expertise to include construction management.

We can act in both advisory and technical roles early in the design process, providing advice on the time and cost consequences of design and construction decisions, scheduling, and cost control; coordinating contract negotiations and awards; making timely purchases of critical materials and equipment; and coordinating construction activities.

Through a team approach, we work within the client? parameters on the management and administration of total design and construction, provide assistance on cost estimates, construction methods, and construction management to give surety to the constructability of the project. We believe this team concept in today? market is an efficient and effective way of providing the client with the maximum use of construction dollars.

Using the construction management paradigm, we usually get involved shortly after the owner hires an architect while there is still time to influence the design and collaborate with the architect. We?e found this is particularly significant when the client is adding to an existing facility. Using construction management, we are able to assure the client the least amount of disruption during the construction process.

Because of our long history in the area we serve, we have a thorough knowledge of local resources including subcontractors, materials, and manpower. That? important when it comes to keeping construction costs within budget and keeping the all-important construction timetable.


Neighborgall General Construction Services

The oldest method of construction is general construction and Neighborgall Construction stands ready to work with the project owner in this process. After all, we have decades of experience in this method of getting the job done.
Under this model, the owner commissions the design which is 100 percent complete before we either bid on the project or negotiate a final price for the contract.
You give us your blueprints and we?l take it from there. We promise to offer the same high standards of quality and attention to detail that we offer with our construction management and design/build methods of construction.
Neighborgall Construction believes that everything we build should be an authentication of our skills and abilities and something that we are proud to show as evidence of our professionalism and construction know-how.


Neighborgall Design-Build Services

Our experience with the traditional architect/bid/contractor method of construction makes us aware of the potential problems involved with the process. There can be communication problems, wasted time and out-of-control costs. Of particular concern are unacceptably high bids and design errors that are discovered late in the process that causes lost time and lost money.

That? why Neighborgall offers a design/build system that employs total project management to improve communication and augment overall cost and quality control.

Using the design/build system, a Neighborgall project manager controls both the design and construction phases. This manager has a thorough knowledge of construction methods, component costs, design and budgetary control and is backed by the long history of Neighborgall Construction.

The Neighborgall project manager works with both architects and engineers. The responsibility for scheduling work and meeting all-important deadlines lies entirely with Neighborgall. And we meet those deadlines because we are entirely in control of the project.

Under the direction of a single project manager, the construction team can find the best materials and construction methods while working closely with the owner.  The bottom line is this: Design/Build can give the owner the maximum in quality and cost control with minimum risk.



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